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i swear that i can go on forever again

please let me know that my one bad day will end

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my name is gabby. my family and i moved from new jersey to ohio last year. i dont go to school. im not going back to school. i basically hate my life. i might have it better then a lot of people, but nobody knows what i feel inside. nobody realizes what they do, and what they need to do. i get aggravated very easily, and im not patient. i dont like going to the doctors, or dentists, but i still do. i hate having plans. i think getting up and knowing you have to do something is the worst thing. if i have something that i want to do, i have to do it, or it will drive me up a fucking wall. i think if you dont love america, get the fuck out of it!

the beach. the boardwalk. six flags. chinese food. football. christmas. car rides. chicken fingers. having fun. soup. spending other peoples money. clean shoes. my family. being cold but under a blanket. the smell of dryers. new clothes. gum. jolly ranchers. jelly beans. camping. sleeping in places besides my house. the philadelphia eagles. bam margera. christmas. ashton kutcher. toby keith. good charlotte. martina mcbride. watching the news. music videos. cds. dvds. winnie the pooh.

liars. bitches. sluts. assholes. suck ups. people that think they are always right. people that like to argue. people that have money and dont pay you back. people that think they are better then everyone else. people that live in america and dont speak english. january 7. being cold. being hot. the smell of new shoes. trying on clothes. dirty shoes. reading. my fingers. tight things. things touching me. dentists. pants that are too short. anti-americans. protesters against war.

jewel. brad paisley. chris cagle. christina aguleria. counting crows. darryl worley. diamond rio. dierks bentley. fabolous. garth brooks. googoo dolls. gary allan. good charlotte. green day. jaded. hootie and the blowfish. jewel. joe nichols. john michael montgomery. montgomery gentry. clay aiken. ruben. kelly clarkson. keith urban. kenny chesney. kid rock. lonestar. mark wills. matchbox twenty. new found glory. pearl jam. pink. r kelly. rascal flatts. sean paul. stacy orrico. stroke 9. taking back sunday. trapt. train. uncle kracker.

Chris. Nick. Danny. Steve. Ticson. Neil. Kristen. Samantha. Joey. Matt. Amanda. Sarah. Felicia. Emily. Steven. Jimmy. Stacy.

six flags 02- danny with no hands, hell yeah! trying to kill us on viper. riding medusa 8 times with jimmy. welcome to america. "woah, hes hot." "he looks like chris.. a better looking chris." jimmy riding nitro. steven riding the chiller and nitro alone. the dancing game. "the scream machine didnt hurt!" "this is bullshit." speakng german. "did you just call me a chocolate slut?" steven falling in line. staying in the arcade forever. the truck game. stuck on the water ride with smelly indian people. "we went to church, we wont get wet." the "i dont want my shoes to get wet" kid. "the rich clown". nitro with amanda. riding medusa like 8 times with jimmy. almost dying on viper. scream machine pictures with brooke and ashley. the big mask guy. the clowns. the monkeys. animal penis! everyone jumping over the railing on medusa. "i knew it had something to do with bin laden!"
six flags 03- lost cell phones. cell phone searching. scream machine pictues with ashley danny and steven. riding river rapids with chris. steven shaking the sky ride. jimmy spitting on the gangster. taz twister 6 times with chris jimmy and steven. steven turning over on the taz twister. riding superman the first time. chris talking to cadillac jack. nick on superman! jimmy and nick with no hands! "rock the boat, woah i never said anything about tipping the boat over." the black guys getting locked in on skull mountain. whats that finger mean? five hours itll get ya. me and jimmy on the ship thing. "you wanna sit on the end so you can see the monkeys! DONT YA?!" nick trying to get half price on everything. "did they tell you not to give half price to the kid that always asks?" "its a rip off, were only gonna be here like *counts on fingers* 6 hours, and we cant have half price?!" riding nitro first row with dan. sitting with a guy when it was his first time on nitro. "oh shit! i thaught it was over!" aj, dan, christian, danny, steven, jimmy, and ashley. aj getting sick from the taz twister.
maryland 03- steven swimming by himself. steven talking to the lifeguard. nick and steven pushing the call buttons in the other hotel. "theres an emergency in elevator 2!" "haha, she believed it." "who the fuck woke me up?!"
camping 03- wave runners. "we flew 30 feet." "jump off! jump! jump!" "we been in the woods for a week by ourselves." "she asked me what my name was." the neighbors. the fire. crabbing. steven playing with all the crabs. driving around looking for boats. "i saw ruben and kim." falling in the water. scotts fire. trying to make a fire. having to go in when the neighbors started our fire. "i looked out the corner of my eye, and i saw steven fly by me." "do you deliever?" "no, this is wawa."
moon bounce 03- jeff drunk. the boys fighting. jeffs shoulder popping out. chris and steven trying to stay on the side. jumping with amanda.
others- "lets take out one light bulb on every house." going to see bringing down the house. seeing too fast too furious with steven and nick. watching anger management. picking out stars with matt on the dock. me and crystal trying to find ashley, steven, and danny. painting my room with ashley. 07/08/2003 with crystal. nsync, martina mcbride, joe nichols concerts. shopping with crystal at mattsons. calling brookes mom. kicking joe out. "your an ass, never come back over!" "i can drive now, so im not walking." going to the weapon place with chris. getting the anchor out. "were sinking!" all the baseball games with kristin. going to see old school with nick and stacy. malibu's most wanted. the moon bounce 02. jeff and mo drunk. ice wars. fishing with black rob. 2nd lake racing. matt throwing the football in the house in florida. 4 am. scootering down the middle of rancoacos road. looking for a pokey stick. taking little dannis cup. drunk man on the bick that road into our mailbox. rich telling me to kill ash and jacqui. breaking nail polish on jacqui. "fate fell short this time, your smile fades in the summer. place your hand in mine, ill leave when i wanna." hitting my nail on the nail drier. "your a retard!" "this is the girl that got 3." darren. "get off my boyfriends dick." "i wasnt gonna hit you." lisa. c-low. "UH-OH!" dont mess with my man.
3 doors down, 50 cent, aim, alan jackson, all grown up, american idol, american juniors, american pie, animals, ashton kutcher, ass, bam, bam margera, beach, blankets, blink 182, boardwalk, boys, brian mccomas, brooks and dunn, buddy jewel, building, cam'ron, camping, cats, cds, cell phones, chingy, chris cagle, christina aguleria, clay aiken, clean shoes, clint black, clothes, cold, colors, computer, concerts, contests, counting crows, cowboys, css codes, deena carter, dog eat dog, dogs, dolls, dopey, drawing, eagles, fear factor, football, fred durst, friends, garth brooks, glass, good charlotte, goofy, graphics, hgtv, hiking, hot, icons, jc, jelly beans, jobs, joe millionaire, joe nichols, john micheal montgomery, johnny cash, josh gracin, journals, justin timberlake, kazaa, keith urban, kelly clarkson, kenny chesney, kid rock, kids, layouts, letterboxing, livejournal, lonestar, love, m&ms, magic stick, mark wills, maroon 5, martina mcbride, mickey mouse, military, minnie mouse, missy eliott, money, montgomery gentry, movies, music, navy, new found glory, our lady peace, pearl jam, pens, people, philadelphia eagles, pictures, plastic cups, pluto, punkd, r kelly, radio, rascal flatts, real world, ring tones, road rules, ruben, rugrats, sean paul, sean william scott, secrets, shoes, simple plan, six flags, skaters, skittles, sleep overs, stacie orico, stickers, stuff animals, stupid people, sum 41, taking back sunday, taking pictures, terri clark, the all american rejects, the eagles, the seven dwarfs, tim mcgraw, toby keith, trading spaces, tv, uncle kracker, while you were out, wolf dogs, wow